Saturday, November 26, 2016

What is the Call?

The Call to the Galactic Mind consists of statements that activate godspace within human consciousness. They are chanted rather than stated and function more like notes played on a musical instrument rather than pieces of information to be understood. Nevertheless, there is commentary for each verse to enhance the absorption of their vibration. Together you might call them a song. Each “note” is alive but just as fish can live only in water, these notes can live only in the formless galactic field. As you chant the call, ripples of your being pass into the galactic field. They don’t have far to travel. Remember, there is no place where the galactic field is not.

As the call achieves a greater amplitude through practice, the attention of the Galactic Mind, which is the consciousness of the Galactic Self, [see Glossary] will be drawn to you. The effect of the commentaries is to saturate your mind with the galactic field so that the call will have greater clarity and amplitude.

“Them” in the verses of the call are mysterious beings who are intimate with the galactic field. I call them the buddhas of pure existence. Of them nothing more can be said other than what is present in the call.